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This round's on us

We are mnyou. An at your table ordering app primed to revolutionise customer experience in hospitality. mnyou is a digital platform that removes the traffic jam that regularly forms around the till in cafe's, bars and restaurants.

As a customer, all you'll need to do is choose a table, open the app and place your order.  There's no need to queue and because payment is handled by the mnyou app you'll never have to line up to split a bill again.  

As a bar, cafe or restaurant owner, you'll receive notification of a new order and simply deliver it to the table where your customer is sitting.

It's fast, easy, convenient and lets you get on with socialising. After all, that's what you're there to do.

The mnyou story

Our story starts with a change in direction from founder Scott Birnie. That change of direction was at the Rising Tide Brewbar and Eatery in Mount Maunganui. As a patron Scott was frustrated because he couldn’t get consistently good service. When he then started working at the Rising Tide, Scott saw opportunities to consistently deliver a high quality service. The mnyou idea was born.

Our Solution

The mnyou solution is a digital platform that effectively removes the need for the till pinch point in hospitality.  It consists of a consumer app that presents a menu for an establishment, takes the order and collects payment, a counter based application that queues orders to either the bar or the kitchen for fulfilment and an administration system that enables menu management, branding, reporting and other features.  By having a single consumer app that is skinned based on establishment we eliminate the need for a phone full of apps that seldom get used. 

Our Process

At mnyou we don't believe in the status quo.  With that in mind we took a look at the processes in hospitality and concluded that the traffic jam at the till was unnecessary and that we should make it our mission to get rid of it.  With smartphones in the hands of over 90% of people we realised that we could easily move the transaction from the counter to the phone, making life more enjoyable for everyone involved.  We took this idea to Glenn, owner of the Rising Tide and he agreed.

A few weeks later we were testing the mnyou concept using a prototype developed with our friends at Pixel Fusion, gaining incredibly positive feedback from bar owners and patrons alike.

Fast forward to now and we're nearly ready to bring mnyou to establishments near you.

Our Team


Scott Birnie

Scott has 15 years experience in the construction industry as a Civil Engineer, Project Manager and General Manager.  As an engineer Scott was trained to identify the problem and find the solution in the most cost effective and time efficient way possible. He takes this mentality to all aspects of his professional life and this was the synthesis of the MNYOU concept.

Mike Boyens

Mike has 15 years experience as a Commercial Marketer and Consultant in Financial Services, Telecommunications and Technology. His skillset spans marketing, organisational and commercial strategy, sales operations, product development and product management.  Mike is also an independent Consultant to a a range of New Zealand businesses, small and large.

Glenn Meikle

Glenn is the owner of the Mt. Brewing Company, The Rising Tide Bar & Eatery and High Tide Brewbar.  With over 21 years experience, Glenn is widely known as a pioneer and innovator in the hospitality industry.



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Call Scott on 021 188 1099 or Mike on 021 977 723.