Order and pay from your phone


We are mnyou. An at your table ordering app primed to revolutionise customer experience in hospitality. mnyou is a digital platform that removes the traffic jam that regularly forms around the till in cafe's, bars and restaurants.

As a customer, all you'll need to do is choose a table, open the app and place your order.  There's no need to queue and because payment is handled by the mnyou app you'll never have to line up to split a bill again.  

As a bar, cafe or restaurant owner, you'll receive notification of a new order and simply deliver it to the table where your customer is sitting.

It's fast, easy, convenient and lets you get on with socialising. After all, that's what you're there to do.




If you’ve ever arrived at your favourite cafe or bar and thought, “Na, too busy. I’ll go somewhere else" then mnyou is the app for you.

Simply take a seat when you arrive, check in using the number on your table and start ordering. No waiting for the server to grab a slice from the cabinet, or the cocktail the person in front of you ordered to be made. Your order is placed on your phone and sent straight to the counter to be fulfilled.

So instead of waiting in queues, while the people in front take their time deciding what to have, just sit down, order fast and chat with your friends. #mnyouapp #moresocial


Don’t queue to pay,
don’t wait to move on

When your brekkie, lunch, drink or dinner is done you don’t want to wait to get someone’s attention to get the bill, or worse, line up at the counter waiting for people to order so you can pay and leave.

With mnyou, payment is handled automatically in the app. So leave when you want to and get on with the rest of your day.


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